How does the festival work?

The festival committee plans the festival and selects the conductor. The conductor selects music and the pianist with the committee’s approval. The committee distributes the music to the participating churches several months in advance of the festival. The choirs are expected to familiarize themselves with the music before arriving at the festival.

What happens during the festival?

The afternoon is devoted to the rehearsal/clinic.  A sacred concert is held in the evening.

During the rehearsal/clinic portion of the festival, the conductor fine-tunes the dynamics and refines the singers’ vocal techniques. The spiritual nature of the worship of Christ during the concert and in the respective church ministries receives strong emphasis.

Breaks including light refreshments are given periodically to encourage fellowship among the churches. A catered meal is also provided (as part of the registration fee) to the singers between the rehearsal and the concert.

Must the entire choir from my church participate?

No. In fact, one of the advantages of the Choir Festival is the opportunity for select individuals from small choirs or churches that do not have choirs will have the opportunity to join together with the voices of many other churches in worship

The festival accepts registrations only through  HAPF (Harrisburg Area Pastor’s Fellowship) participating churches.

What does the registration cost cover?

Each church pays a registration fee which covers each participant’s cost for the sheet music and the catered meal.  The registration fee covers most but not all of the festival expenses. An offering is taken during the concert in order to defray the remaining expenses.

The music is purchased at cost through the festival committee, but the music belongs to each church for use at their discretion beyond the festival.  The festival committee has no desire to impose itself upon the music ministry of the participating churches.

Other Questions

Is this an evangelistic event?  While its purpose is not primarily evangelistic, the festival committee takes care to present clearly the Gospel.

How is the festival advertized?  The festival is advertised as a sacred concert through local media outlets and by this website. The best advertisement will be from the pulpits of the churches represented in the festival as well as word of mouth. Bulletin inserts are provided.

What were the responses?  The most common responses to last year’s festival were to the following effects: “Are we doing this again next year;” “I wish I had participated;” “The concert was amazingly beautiful and moving!”